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Your Local Butcher

Times are tough for all us financially, whether we want to admit it or not. As our budget’s get stricter and stricter, we have to start looking for alternatives which can provide us with the same quality and quantity as we are used too.

One simple way to do this is to find your local butcher. I was astounded and kind of disgusted to go walking around and having a look at the various supermarkets and the prices they charge the average consumer, and i’m not talking about Woolies or one of the other higher end supermarket chains, i’m talking about the guys who brag about discounts and specials.

Your local butcher is a specialist, someone who dedicates their life to the privelage of meat. They are guys who day in and day out sweat and bleed for you, the consumer, literally. They do not randomly change how much profit they make off a product, the percentage of profit remains the same, always. There are no corporate meetings in which big fat cats sit down and think up ways to extend profit by 0,001 percent. No, they are the simple guys who work in relatively small factories or shops, who work hard because they’ve never known not too.

I write this not only to attract new customers, but to show people the reality that your local butcher shop will offer meat that you can assured of, quality you can trust, and people you can actually talk too.

My dream is that one day people will pay more attention to the product, and less to its packaging, maybe then they will start to see how easy it is to save money.