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You always get what you ask for at Bill Riley Meat

Being in the butchery industry for over 40 years has allowed us to learn a lot at Bill Riley meat.
When my grandfather first started selling meat to the japanese trawling vessels in 1969, it was not near as complicated as today.
Now days the industry has been regulated from HACCP(hazard analysis and critical control points) to the consumer protection act which, which as the media has pointed out so eagerly, ensures all products are clearly labelled with a list of every ingredient. I could go into detail what all these regulations mean, but to be honest, that would take about 100 pages, and basically the regulations are there to protect and inform the consumer from anything that may seem dubious, dishonest or plain right disgusting.

In my grandfathers day, mince was mince, a burger was a burger, and boerewors was boerewors, but in todays world you can walk into any meat retailer and find a range of boerewors, from karoo wors to “Blou Bulle” wors. This is exactly why it is so important that we clearly label our products, because there is a reason why some wors is more expensive than others. That reason is simple, some products contain a range of substitutes such as soy to bring down the price and push up the profits, but, don’t get me wrong, some of these products are not made with malevolent intentions, they simply are made due to the conditions they reside in, such as economic or just plain preference of taste.

At Bill Riley meat we carry the name of our family on every product we sell, from our staff to the family memebers we pride ourselves in taking our job seriously, and are proud to say that we work at a honest butchery.
When the first story broke in Europe of meat retailers mislabelling their products, immediately some our customers began questioning what we put in our products. Within that week we had decided to go ahead and ensure to all our customers that we do not, and never will, mislabel our products. As my father, uncles and staff memebers, I have the privelage of working with have taught me, keep it simple. When someone asks for a pure beef burger, give them a pure beef burger.

So we approached a reputable company, Swift silliker, to take samples of our products and send them for testing.
The results were as we expected. All the samples sent came back as they should be, steak (Lean) mince was steak (lean) mince and so on.

Thank you for supporting Bill Riley Meat, we will continue to strive to bring you, the customer, exactly what you asked for, a great quality product.