Our Services

Our Wholesale Services

wholesale_21-2Our wholesale division is run by Robert Riley, with over 30 years experience in the meat industry, has earned him a reputation as a hard worker with a fundamental attitude of excellence towards the service of our customers. Rob has become the person our wholesale customers look to for advice and is part of the reason that Bill Riley can pride itself on its long standing personal relationships with many of its suppliers and customers.

Our Retail Services

retail_21-2The retail division is run by Dave Snr and Dave Jnr having all been in the meat industry for over 30 years each, Bill Riley’s retail division has earned itself the reputation of good old fashioned quality meat for the honest hard working family man. Our customers love entering our shop knowing that their orders can be personally made up to their requirements and given advice on using various cuts.


Our Catering Services

catering_21-2Dave Riley Senior, as well as his son, Dave Jnr and Rob run the catering division, having almost 40 years experience in the meat industry, his knowledge is indispensable in assuring all your products are of the best quality. As in all of the departments, the catering division enjoys sharing personal relationships with its long standing customers, thereby creating an intimate understanding of what it truly is the head chef is looking for in every unique situation, in any restaurant. The relationship a good chef has with his butcher is often something that customers will experience, but seldom understand. Knowing how something is going to be cooked is essential in selecting the right product and our personal involvement has proven itself indispensable.

Our Processed Meat

processed_21-2Peter Hill is in charge of the processed meats division, like the rest of his family, Peter also has over 30 years experience in Bill Riley meats and is known for producing products which are of the highest quality. Peter prides himself in knowing that his processed products are made from a good quality selection of meats and are worthy of the Bill Riley stamp of approval.

Meat cuts