Our Pledge

Dedicated to Quality

Bill Riley meats is a business that is based on family values. Being passed from one generation to the next will have that affect on a business and we’re grateful for it. When providing quality service and product is a family value, it pays to have a few more members of the family around.

Over the years we’ve built up a dedicated core group of employees who identify with the passion we have for excellence and we’ve selectively grown our extended family at the buthcery over the years. Many employees have been with us for decades (almost as long as some of our customers) and assist in maitaining continuity in terms of the high quality standards and expectations within our butchery .

In 1969, the first Bill Riley opened the butchery doors and since then, Bill Riley meats has sought to fulfill every need of our customers with high quality products. From our wholesale division, through to our catering division and right into our retail division, we’ve continued to provide that same quality product and service today.