Meatnbeer 19

Meat & Beer

Another really exciting thing thats going to be happening soon, tomorrow actually, is MEAT CLUB. My oldest and most retarded friend Matt’s awesome dad is running this Saturday morning stroke of genius and the intention behind it is to educate beer drinking, sausage swinging men a little more about their meat. For now its just a gang of Matt’s boyfriends getting together at the butchery for the first one, which is happening this Saturday, but I suspect they’re going to have to run them every couple of weeks because a better idea has never been thought
– Meat Education and Beer.

The pairing of fine meat with great beer.meatnbeer_19
Bill Riley & Co Meats & Union.
Strategic thinking from Matt Riley.

Here we learn meat quality, how to spot a good cut vs bad cut.
Slicing up a hind quarter into its different cuts (volunteers depending on sobriety). De-boning a leg of lamb.
All hands on.

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