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You always get what you ask for at Bill Riley Meat

Being in the butchery industry for over 40 years has allowed us to learn a lot at Bill Riley meat. When my grandfather first started selling meat to the japanese trawling vessels in 1969, it was not near as complicated as today. Now days the industry has been regulated from HACCP(hazard analysis and critical control points) to the consumer protection …

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Your Local Butcher

Times are tough for all us financially, whether we want to admit it or not. As our budget’s get stricter and stricter, we have to start looking for alternatives which can provide us with the same quality and quantity as we are used too. One simple way to do this is to find your local butcher. I was astounded and …

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Bill Riley Meat celebrates National Braai Day

Its that time of year again, too often do we forget that its actually Heritage Day, the day in which we as south africans are supposed celebrate and appreciate our different and unique culture’s. However we all know there’s only one thing with really celebrating, BRAAING. The braai is the place where nothing matters except the correct temperature of the …

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Bill Riley’s old style bacon

I am a third generation butcher and never have I heard my family speak of how easy it is to make your own bacon. The beauty of bacon is not only that it cures a hangover, but because it is a simple, relatively cheap cut of meat which can be used in so many ways to cure hunger. I work …

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Meat & Beer

Another really exciting thing thats going to be happening soon, tomorrow actually, is MEAT CLUB. My oldest and most retarded friend Matt’s awesome dad is running this Saturday morning stroke of genius and the intention behind it is to educate beer drinking, sausage swinging men a little more about their meat. For now its just a gang of Matt’s boyfriends …

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