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    Our staff are a vital part of our business, and their commitment has ensured Bill Riley Meat's highest standards for our customers......

  • Dedicated To Quality
    Bill Riley meats is a business that is based on family values. Being passed from one generation to the next will have that affect on a business and we’re grateful for it...

  • Know Your Cuts of Meat
    A simple diagram for beef, pork and lamb, which shows you just which cuts come from which areas of the animal......

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    Got a specific cut of meat in mind or want to learn what to look for in a good quality cut of meat? We’re happy to show......


Family operated butchery with passion for meat for over 45 years.

The experience and knowledge passed down from one generation to another spanning 4 generations, allowing us not to just sell meat, but to live for it.

Bill Riley Meat has been passing on knowledge of meat from generation to generation. The grandmaster of meat started us on a journey which has spanned us 3 generations, and today, is thriving, thanks to our passion for customer service, but, most important, our love for meat.

Today, Bill Riley Meat, under the leadership of Dave Riley senior and Rob Riley, his sons, who have encompassed every aspect of the relationship between customer and the sheer love of meat, are managing to carry on a legacy that will carry on long onto the future  generations of the family butcher.

We pride ourselves in sourcing the best beef, lamb and pork available on the South African meat market.
Over the last few years Bill Riley meat has taken a keen interest in free range, hormone free beef.
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These loyal staff members have been with Bill Riley Meat for 15 years and longer !